Phwoar, I don’t know about you but I feel like being in your twenties is stress central. Like excuse me, where is my open return back to care free childhood plz?

Now plz appreciate I am writing this as a mid twenty something year old – if you are older or younger then some of these may not apply – but here we go.

Work seems to be manic and tiring and just well… stressful. You also always seem to be in a weird sort of second guessing stage of being like hmmm… Is this what I REALLY want to be doing with my life? Even if this is the job you had dreamed of your brain seems to do that crazy little thing of going ‘buuuuuuuut what if I changed my mind and want to now do a job which is the polar opposite to this one, that I have 0 qualifications for?’ Super fun when it does that.

Alongside that your social life is hectic and you are in the middle of do I go and party the night away or do I sleep non stop for a solid 2 days? (I normally go for the party, normally regret it when I am dry-mouthed, anxiety ridden and 10x more tired than before.) But YOLO, right?…

Single people are stressed about finding a partner, taken people are stressed about if their partner is ‘the one’ or if they are just settling.

You also have this constant looming anxiety of soooooo when does a million pound drop out of the sky so I can buy a house, get 10 dogs, own my own car, pay off my debt, blah, blah, the list goes on.

And just Brexit…
(You can’t be an english person without throwing a brexit comment/joke into the mix.)

With a cheeky bit (lot) of word vomit thrown onto your screens there. If you were not stressed before, I fear I might have just made you a little. Soz.

ANYWAY onto the good stuff. Self-care ahhhh.

Self-care is so important, I cannot say it enough. With all the stresses we all face everyday it is so important to take some time for ourselves and really touch base and look after ourselves. We deserve it after all…

I know when I have had a really tough time I take time to just relax and do things that make me feel happy and calm. So below are my top self-care go to’s:

  • A long bubble bath with candles and chilled music
  • A face mask (I love to do this one when I am meant to do something important because it makes me feel like I am procrastinating in a ‘positive self-care’ way.)
  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to my favourite album
  • Blog
  • Go to the gym
  • Put all my fairy lights, candles and salt lamps on and meditate
  • Journal – to help me process my feelings and thoughts
  • Sing

These things really do help me feel more relaxed and zone back in with myself. I also read a lovely quote the other day which stated how you must treat yourself how you treat your friends, with kindness and patience. This is so key, yes being a twenty-something is stressful, I think just being a person is a bit stressful at times but ensuring you look after yourself is the key to feeling calmer and happier. Remember to slow down and do things that make you happy. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

What self-care strategies do you use? x


2 thoughts on “Self-care

  1. This was an absolutely enjoyable read, and it made me laugh quite a bit! I agree, being in your 20s in definitely stress central. And I love these self-care tips. I think I will try out your face mask idea, because, as you said, who doesn’t love “procrastinating in a ‘positive self-care’ way”! Really great post!

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