The uncertainty of your twenties

The uncertainty of your twenties

So your twenties are like being in a constant state of uneasiness like when you are walking past someone you kind of know and don’t know whether to stop and have awkward small talk or look away and pretend you never saw them. It almost feels like you are reliving your teenage years except this time, you have to pay for your own hobbies, have to work full time and are in debt, all in one go.

Was this not meant to be the part where we’re all meant to be happily married, driving ferraris, starting families and living out our real life MASH results? (gals you know, boys google it) like i’m confused???

Along with that suddenly I am 25 and am more uncertain of my career choices than ever. One minute I want to be a teacher or an actress then I think hmm maybe I want to be a writer. Next thing I know I am there googling how to be a marine biologist or how to get inspiration to be an inventor. Like someone give me those career quizzes from school, I need it now more than ever.

Talking of school just like your teenage years you have crushes in your twenties, handle them in a pretty similar way too. Still unsure of how to interact with them, still go awkward and weird. However, a big growth part of this is you are no longer writing their name in love hearts on everything you own…(I hope).

Don’t even get me started on the drinking too. Teenage years drinking was gr8 – location did not matter, drink did not matter, and what the hell was a hangover?? Drinking in your twenties means being hungover for approx 3 months, spending a small fortune on shots, and regrets, allllll the regrets.

Now in my twenties, I would kill for nap time to be scheduled into my day, have chicken nuggets and chips for dinner and have my Mum pick my outfit for me each day. (Talking younger than teens here btw, although would have saved a lot of bad fashion phases if mum did dress me).

But alas despite the blind panic above. I do sometimes feel my age and I do feel like I have my shit together…most of the time. However, those waves of panic do seep in every now and then. As I am sure they do for all twenty somethings.

Here are some pros to being twenties and NOT teens:

  • You can eat dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch and like nobody can say anything
  • You can take chances and risks
  • You meet THE best people
  • Loads of wicked life experiences
  • Do whatttt you want (within 50 pound budget for the year)
  • Live yo best life
  • Follow your dreams – all 349 of them in one go
  • Independence (when/if you finally move out)

I am not going to carry on with some inspiring pinterest quotes that will bring a tear to your eye but you get the gist. In the words of Troy Bolton and the cast of HSM:


15 thoughts on “The uncertainty of your twenties

  1. It is funny reading this now as a 40 something year old. I love getting older and feel I am more myself with every passing year.

    Enjoy your twenties knowing there is even better to come.

    I found the hangovers improve too!!


    1. Oh really? That is SO reassuring to hear! Twenties feels like a right old wobble sometimes haha!

      Oh thank god haha! The hangovers are just not ok at the moment.

      Thank you for the comment 😀


  2. I was just thinking about all the choices I could make now. I also struggle with wanting to do EVERYTHING. Just this morning I was researching how to become a freelance writer. It’s nice to know we are, after all, in this this together.


  3. This made me reminisce on my twenties. Now, at 37, I wish I had my 25 year old selfs hangovers. The good thing is during your 30s you start to learn how to drink to avoid them! X


    1. Oh no don’t say that haha my 25 year old hangovers are hell – very self inflicted though to be fair haha! Thank you for the comment, glad it made you reminisce xxx


  4. You are having the quarter-life crisis, my love. It is a wonderful time for literary content. All of a sudden it is three years later and you are STILL twenty and the roller coaster is still not over. I don’t know how many articles I wrote at 25 Lord Jesus. 25 was the year of my alter ego. She’s never gone back to her hidey-hole since…


    1. Oh no not another one, I already wrote a post when I thought I was having my quarter life crisis haha!

      At least I will have lot’s of writing inspo in these next few years now! In a good way I hope? I am deffo discovering a lot about myself recently and feel like I am about to discover so much more!

      Thanks for the comment! 😀

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  5. My god how true is this post, it seems like mash didn’t always know what it was talking about. Absolutely loved this post and I loved how you wrote it as if it just flowed all together on the keyboard ! Maybe you should take up writing!!! ALSO SECOND THE NAP TO BE SCHEDULED INTO MY DAY PLEASE


  6. This was funny to read, I love the little hints towards slang and stuff throughout the blog – very conversational, I love it. I can totally relate to this post haha
    – katelyn


  7. I just turned 21 but I already relate to almost all of these haha. But the best part is that we’re all in this together as you said, so let’s hope all my embarrassment stays with others in their twenties lol.

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